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Tyee Yacht Club
Established 1946


Membership Benefits

Tyee Yacht Club Information & Benefits


Tyee Yacht Club was founded in 1946 by boaters who felt the need for a yacht club which promoted boating safety, cruising and social activities for the entire family. They also recognized the advantages of participating in the yachting community while enjoying and protecting the vast recreational opportunities offered to the Northwest boater, both power and sail.  


Membership benefits include:


·         A clubhouse and dock on the shore of Lake Union, and two picturesque “outstations” at Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island, and at Port Hadlock. A wealth of activities are possible at each location. 


·         Lifelong friendships, you never need to cruise alone.


·         The club sponsors family cruises year round as well as monthly dinners, social evenings and participation in interclub events. In addition to boat cruises, we have “land cruises”, parties, trips and get-togethers for friendly, casual fun.


·         As a part of the 'Grand Fourteen' family of NW clubs, our bridge and club has access to other boat clubs in the region that are dealing with common issues. The Grand Fourteen helps promote friendship and boater awareness.


·         Tyee members enjoy reciprocal moorage privileges with most yacht clubs in Puget Sound and British Columbia.


·         Tyee was a pioneer in recognizing that all members of a family should be full members of the club. Each adult is eligible for full membership and minor children are included at no additional cost.


·         Ownership of a boat is not required. We have associate memberships if you love boating and you are18 years or older.



Membership fees include a one-time initiation fee of $500.

Annual dues are $376 per individual.

For membership or other information, please email us at or call us at 206-402-3957.


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